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Helpful Guides

Figuring out all the answers when you're trying to plan a service can feel daunting, but it doesn't have to be. We've created these resource guides as helpful tools to walk you through every step of the process.

How to Write an Obituary

There's a science to writing these memorials, and we're sharing every step with you.

How to Write a Eulogy

In seven steps, learn just how to express a loved one’s story in a way all will appreciate.

How to Choose Speakers for a Funeral

Speaking at a funeral is an honor, but it can also be difficult. This guide will help you understand the different types of speakers and guide you through those decisions.

When a Death Occurs

When a death occurs, the order in which things need to be done often depends on where the death occurred. That's why we suggest that you ask a friend for help - someone who is more able to think clearly, and give you the support you need.

Steps to Making Arrangements

We understand the gravity of loss, and we want you to know you aren't alone. Your search has lead you to the right place.

How to Choose a Casket

When a loved one dies, there are many decisions that must be made within just a few days. If your loved one is having a traditional burial, you may find yourself in the position of choosing a casket.


We know you have many questions. We've answered some of the most common ones regarding funerals, funeral services and funeral homes.

Funeral Etiquette

Accepted customs of dress and behavior in a funeral have changed over time, but courtesy never goes out of style. Here's what we'd like you to know about funeral etiquette.

Funeral Questions

You'll find the answers to some of the most common questions relating to the value of a funeral, or memorial service, the practices of funeral service and funeral home operation.


There are many misconceptions about cremation. Allow us to explain the process, educate you on the available options and answer any questions you might have.

Is Cremation Right For Me?

Cremation is becoming an increasingly common choice in the United States, having outpaced burials and continuing to grow in popularity.

Cremation Questions

Even though it's much more common than it was in prior generations, many people still have questions about the cremation process.


We're experts in this field, so allow us walk you through your cemetery questions. We can help you turn this experience into an opportunity to celebrate life. However, if you still have questions, please reach out.

Cemetery Etiquette

It’s hard to know how to act in a place you rarely (or never) go. We’re here to guide you.

Cemetery Questions

You’re not an expert on funerals and cemeteries. And we don’t want you to be. Find many answers here.

Cemetery Maintenance Request

If your loved one's graveside is in need of attention, or something seems out of place, please let us know.


Because of their service to our country, veterans have unique options available to them. Here, you'll find more details about how to receive these benefits and services.

Veterans Affairs Benefits

Have questions about you or your loved one's Veterans Affairs Benefits? Here are 10 things you need to know in regards to the death of your loved one.

Why Veterans Should Plan Ahead

It's not easy to talk about your end-of-life wishes, but it's one of the most important things you will ever do. This guide will walk you through the importance of planning ahead.

The Solemn Beauty of a Veteran's Funeral

Veterans willing to put their lives on the line to protect our freedoms deserve our respect and honor, and we should take the time to show them our gratitude any time we can, including at the end of their lives.

Planning Ahead

Pre-planning lets your loved ones focus on honoring life instead of hashing out details. These resources will help you understand the ease and value of planning your celebration.

Planning Checklist

There's a lot to consider when beginning the planning process. Our checklist will give you the satisfaction of checking off each of the related tasks, knowing you're getting closer to the goal of completing your pre-need plan.

How to Start the Conversation

People talk about many things with their loved ones: from day-to-day details to big events. Sharing stories with those who matter most isn’t just important today; it will be especially significant when it’s time to commemorate a life.

Planning a Funeral When Family is Far Away

As culture and society have changed over time, so have death and funerals. Families often used to live close together — sometimes even on the same property — and family members cared for their loved one in preparation for burial.

Grief & Healing

We’re here to support you through this difficult time. No matter how you feel at this moment, you have our commitment - you’re never alone.

After the Funeral: Is it Ever Too Late to Express Sympathy?

When a friend or acquaintance loses a loved one, it's natural to want to reach out. Sometimes, however, we don't know about the death until after the funeral.

Helping a Student Cope with Loss

The death of a loved one is always hard. When the grieving person is in school — whether it's at an elementary school or college — grief can be more complicated, and extra support during the time of mourning is often needed.

Recognizing the Importance of Self Care While Grieving

When a loved one dies, if you are the closest person to the one who has died, much of the care for others may fall to you, so you must be careful not to neglect your own self-care.

Following Up on Good Intentions: How to Help After the Funeral

When someone you know loses a loved one, you may feel powerless to ease their pain. We all want to find some way to help, but knowing what's needed can be difficult.

Understanding How to Help a Friend Who Has Lost a Spouse

Every loss is difficult, but the loss of a spouse can be devastating, and upend a person's entire life. If you recently attended the funeral service of a friend's spouse, then read on for advice on how to offer your friend your help.

Helping the Family

Things you can do to help support loved ones during their time of loss and bereavement.

Grief Support Guides

Download our Grief Guides for Grief and Healing

Customs & Traditions

Have questions about cultural funeral traditions and dealing with loss? We’ve got you covered.

Buddhist Funeral Traditions

Buddhists believe death is a natural part of the life cycle. They believe that death simply leads to rebirth.

Catholic Funeral Traditions

Christians believe that God is the giver of all life. People of the Catholic faith view death as the end of life on earth and the beginning of eternal life with God.

Chinese Funeral Traditions

The rules around death are very important to all members of Chinese society. Special attention is paid to the care of the dead and very specific rules are followed.

Jewish Funeral Traditions

Throughout the centuries, Jewish people have practiced time-honored traditions that keep families and generations connected, and death is no exception.

Protestant Funeral Traditions

Protestants are Christians who share the belief in God, doctrines of the Trinity, the divinity of Jesus, the death and resurrection of Jesus for salvation, and eternal life.

Military Funeral Traditions

The final farewell honoring individuals who have served in the Armed Forces is infused with ceremonial traditions that date back centuries.