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About Us

History & Staff

We have years of experience caring for families, from all walks of life. Each family comes to us because they know we are leaders in our profession, dedicated to excellence in service, and have the highest integrity.

Our History

Boza & Roel Funeral Home has a rich history serving the Latin and Anglo community of Tampa and can actually trace its beginnings to Cuba with the 1853 founding of the very first Boza Funeral Home by Arturo P. Boza and his brother.

In 1889,as more Cubans migrated to America to follow the cigar industry here,Arturo Boza, Jr. opened a funeral home in Key West. His heir, Armando P. Boza introduced the first motor hearse there in 1926, and in 1928 moved the entire funeral home operations to Tampa in 11 trips with the hearse.

Following the death of Armando P. Boza, Sr.,Gerald M. “Jerry” Boza and Armando P. Boza, Jr. succeeded their father and continued the Boza tradition of providing caring service to the Tampa community. Following Jerry’s death, Armando Jr. along with his wife Margaret “Maggie” Boza continued operating the Tampa funeral homes in the family tradition. In 1999, the A. P. Boza Funeral Home merged with the Roel & Curry Armenia Chapel, founded in 1975 by James Roel. Today it operates as the Boza & Roel Funeral Home, which proudly continues to serve the families of Tampa and surrounding communities.

Our Valued Staff

Brian Zipter

Brian Zipter, Area General Manager

Dan Miller

Dan Miller, Chapel Manager

LaNita Jackson

LaNita Jackson, Office Manager

Karen De Bruin

Karen De Bruin, Funeral Director

Billy  Wentz

Billy Wentz, Funeral Director Intern

Vincent  Capitano

Vincent Capitano, Staff Assistant

Alfred Barcelo

Alfred Barcelo, Staff Associate

Melba Clementi

Melba Clementi, Staff Associate

Sonia Mitchell-Alley

Sonia Mitchell-Alley, Staff Associate

Annamarie  Pottinger

Annamarie Pottinger, Staff Associate